Is Bank Fixed Deposits Closure and Renewal profitable?

As investment planning exercise, we quite often review our Fixed Deposits especially there is a bank interest rate changes. Usually when the interest rate changes upward by 1-2 % we close the existing FD which had run for certain periods and renew the same investment at the revised existing.   In such scenario it is better to verify whether the deal is profitable as some banks may impose 1% penalty and the period elapsed may have lesser interest rate than the original deposit rate.

A simple online calculator to verify fixed deposit renewal and closure scenario using different interest rates one for current interest rate,  future interest rate and interest rate provided for the period already elapsed till now.

Parameters for inputs

Select  Period of compounding 1-4

(1 – Monthly 2:  Half yearly 3: Quarterly 4: yearly) —-  (Usually Quarterly — 3 )

Investment Period    …
(D)ays or (M)onths or (Y)ear

Period elapsed since investment   ….
(D)ays or (M)onths or (Y)ear

Current Interest Rate             …..
Interest period for period elapsed   …..
Penalty imposed if any    ……
Future Interest Rate for Balance Period  …..
Investment Amount   …..

The calculator will the show the results:

Original Maturity Value
Current Principal  Value Revised
Maturity Value at Revised Rates
Renewal will be at profit / loss

Click here to view the online bank fixed deposits maturity value calculator.

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Systematic Investment Planning — Total Returns Calculator

As a Mutual Fund Advisor and Financial and Retirement Planner  at Chennai, usually I get the query as to how much will I get if I invest some amount for a particular period monthly.  To answer such questions, a simple online excel based calculator is provided here.

The inputs are amount saved monthly, quarterly etc and expected return per annum in percentage to get the total amount that will be returned. . If you want to increase your savings every year by a constant amount in ladder form step-up you may indicate in the column else you may type zero.  You may download excel version of SIP Total Return Calculator  here.


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Systematic Investment Planning – SIP – Calculators

We started off with a design of simple calculator for knowing a monthly SIP amount that we may have to save in terms of our financial planning to achieve any financial goal. Then I thought of designing online interactive multipurpose SIP calculator for different life goals from financial planning perspective   After trial and error Zoho sheet was found apt for the job which you may view here .

Three goals viz

  1. child’s education expenses in future
    • You need to input the current age, year (age) when higher education begins and estimate of expenses at current levels.
  2. child’s marriage expenses in future
    • You need to input the current age, year (age) when marriage is expected and estimate of expenses at current levels


  3. retirement corpus needed at the time of retirement can be estimated using the same calculator. 
    • You need to input the current age, year (age) when you expect to retire and an estimate of current monthly expenditure for maintaining the life-style preferred.

For all the goals you may have to indicate inflation rate (say 3% to 10%) and investment rate of  interest (say 3% to 20%)

It is sane to expect 8-9% from short term funds, 12% returns from long term debt funds and 14-18% in equity oriented mutual funds.


Once these goals are estimated then it is easy to calculate the monthly saving required in the form of SIP investment amount.  A sheet has been added to the cash flows involved in the calculation. 

View the calculator

Excel version of the multi-goals SIP calculator for mutual funds investments is shared here for downloading in your desktop.


Financial Planning : Mutual Funds Investment Tools


Any thoughts on financial planning though mutual funds investments require a rough estimates of your goals in financial terms and you need simple calculators or estimators because of rate of return may not be certain in most of the cases.  We shall design simple but free calculators for our personal finance analysis.

SIP Calculator

The first calculator is the popular SIP or Systematic Investment Planning Calculator.  I have devised a simple calculator on open Google spreadsheet which every body can use and download if they want.  If you fill any target amount for your financial goal be it purchase of car, children’s education or marriage and indicate a return which you may expect from a particular mutual fund scheme,  you will get the amount to be saved every month to achieve the target.  Next sheet will show the cash flow month wise and a chart sheet is automatically calculated.

Click to view the calculator


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